Name: Ramona (also goes by Punk Princess)
Species: Rockerz Cat
Date Adopted: February 26, 2013

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Defining Traits: Hot pink fur, gravelly singing voice, spontaneous personality, fictosexuality
Signature Outfit: A Dex Dangerous nightshirt with bike shorts, a denim jacket, sneakers and a checkered necktie
Likes: Hairpins, emo music, Dex Dangerous, anime you've never heard of
Dislikes: Coffee, heated debates, reading subtitles

A young musician who spends most of her time in her room. Is good at performing confidence, but secretly worries a lot about how others think of her. Hosts a weekly livestream, where she writes songs and takes requests on's got a decent following, but hasn't quite taken off in the way she'd hoped.

As a child, she swore her heart to someone who doesn't exist. Nowadays, she still pines for him...


Coming soon...!